Anime Top Trumps Waifu Battle Edition

Anime Top Trumps Waifu Battle Edition. Added 1 new result [rika jougasaki] and 2 new questions. The best youtube has to offer.

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Believe it or not these are my top 10. Who would gladly sacrifice her own life countless times just to protect her dear subaru. Having anime waifus is a sin.

Attack On Titan The Final Season:

Believe it or not these are my top 10. These are some of the most popular anime girls. She is a pretty blonde gamer and a fine edition to my waifu list.

Who Would Gladly Sacrifice Her Own Life Countless Times Just To Protect Her Dear Subaru.

It is a card game based off top trumps , and therefore is played the same way. The worst of the worst by trash ratio. Actually, the blog title is wrong.

The Number 1 Waifu In Most Fanboys’ Hearts These Days.

*if your waifu aint here and wish it was, do pm me and i'll consider adding it in and yes i will inform you if it got in or. Top trumps is a game of chance, memory, and skill. The most voted on waifus of all time.

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After That All The Data Will Be Wiped.

Rem (re:zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu) if you have been following anime in 2016, you would probably have seen this coming. An anime top trumps card game, including a custom designed board aswell as custom designed cards featuring 240 lovely ladies! The best youtube has to offer.

Waifus Sporting The Best Love To Trash Ratio.

Anime top trumps waifu battle edition written by dionne manowild sunday, 31 october 2021 add comment edit anime has always been big, and may now be bigger than ever, with hits across every genre and across the world. For those unfamiliar with it, top trumps is a card game based around comparing statistics of various characters in a series, and here i have tried to categorize all the waifus i could think of the best. Unwatched watching want to watch stalled dropped won't watch eps.